Music takes the driving experience to a whole another level. It can keep you awake, make the time pass by quicker, boost your mood or change it completely. So no wonder that it’s so important in a trucker’s life and that there are so many songs out there dedicated to trucking or the lifestyle. Out of all the songs out there, older, classics, and newer, we picked the 10 best trucking songs for the road.

Check out our list and share your favorites with us.

On The Road Again – Willie Nelson

An absolute classic, this song is all about excitement about being back on the road. And while we may not be musicians traveling with our friends as the lyrics describe, we can definitely relate based on the thrill of starting a new haul, seeing new places and sceneries ahead.

This is probably one of the most popular songs by Willie Nelson, that was huge in the 80s, topping charts and bringing him a Grammy award. Many artists have also covered it and used it in plenty of movies and TV shows.

18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses – Kathy Mattea

Is there a veteran trucker who hasn’t played this song on repeat in the late 80s and early 90s? Is there a veteran driver that didn’t find it relatable towards the end of their career? We highly doubt it.

Both written and performed by Kathy Mattea, this song talks about a trucker arriving home from his last haul, excited to spend the rest of his life with his love, leaving the trucking days behind.

Six Days On The Road – Dave Dudley

Although not originally his song, Dave Dudley turned it into a classic by bringing it to number two Billboard Country songs.

It’s another song that talks about the excitement to make it home after a long haul and seeing a loved one again – a theme so relatable to all of us.

Sawyer Brown later recorded his version in 1997, but let’s be honest, the one done by Dave Dudley was the best and original version.

This Is How We Roll – Florida Georgia Line

Talk about a party behind the wheel. This quite a recent song in comparison to others on the list. It was released in 2014 and it quickly reached top country charts.

Whenever you feel like you need a little pick me up, This is How We Roll is your go-to.

Keep On Truckin – The Road Hammers

Another great pick me up song. When you feel exhausted in those days when everything seems to be going south, this is a great boost to your confidence. Cause quitting is not an option.

Give Me 40 Acres – The Willis Brothers

Oh, those great moments when we are trying to back up in what seems the tiniest place ever. These guys are feeling us! And next time you find yourself in that situation, blast this song, enjoy their humor and imagine you have these amazing 40 acres.

Asphalt Cowboy – Jason Aldean

Aren’t we all asphalt cowboys always needing to leave for the next haul when all we want is to stay with our loved ones? This song is exactly about that feeling and constantly missing our girls or wives.

The White Knight – Cledus Maggard & The Citizen’s Band

This song is a hilarious story about the era when we didn’t have apps to track the radar locations. They communicated through CB radios to help each other out, something many veterans can relate to.

We’re sure you’ll love the song but hopefully won’t share the same fate.

Willin’ – Little Feat

The song talks about everything you can experience or do when driving for years: traveling all roads across the country, back roads, late-night rides, challenges of snowy weather, and more. No doubt it’s relatable for all of us who’ve been on the road a bit longer.

I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash

While Hank Snow released this song in 1962, Johnny Cash’s version is the one we choose. Another very relatable song for veteran drivers, and fun if you want to check off all the places you’ve been to.

What is also interesting about this song is that there are many versions for different countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Ireland, Texas.


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