In this blog we talk about best trucker apps available on the market. Smartphones really make our everyday lives so much easier. So why not use it to make our days on the road more efficient, and enjoyable. We selected some of our best apps for truckers, all accessible through both Google Play and App Store, that you can use to quickly search for gas stations, truck stops, weigh stations, information on traffic, quickest routes, etc. We also included our suggestion for weather apps as well as self-care app.

Check out the list of best trucker apps and share your thoughts with us, as well as your suggestions of great apps to use while on the road.

Trucker Path App

Can we even consider this list without Trucker Path on it? As one of the best trucker apps, Trucker Path is a reliable go-to for all sorts of important information such as over 7,000 truck stops with reviews, weigh stations and scales, parking slots, fuel stations, new routes that help you avoid low bridges, etc.

This incredible all-in-one app for truckers has another great advantage – a massive community with hundreds of thousands of members. You can share your thoughts and experience with them in a forum and access many job openings shared in the app and even scroll for a new truck to buy.

Downsides? You do need an internet connection to use the app and it would be wiser to rely on some other navigation app for most precise results.

Find out more at Trucker Path official website.

Trucker Tools App

Another very good app similar to Trucker Path is Trucker Tools. Their aim is to be “the most accurate truck stop guide”, but they offer so much more. While it helps you locate weigh stations, parking fuel stations and get the best deals, it also provides live information on traffic, navigation assistance, and cargo insurance. By using Trucker Tools you can book loads, exchange messages with other drivers on message boards, and even subscribe to Overdrive magazine.

It is a great on-stop shop for truckers that makes life on the road much easier.

Find out more at Trucker Tools official website.

Gas Buddy App for Truckers

GasBuddy is your best friend for finding the most affordable gas prices country wide.

It contains over 150,000 gas stations, along with their reviews by other app users. In addition, it helps you do the math on your gas spending and gives you heads up when the prices are about to increase.

If you use the app to pay for gas, or in big retailers’ stores, you can collect fuel rewards.

Find out more at Gas Buddy official website.

My Radar App for Truckers

This is one of the best trucker apps to help you minimize your gas spending with minimal effort. My Radar is one of the most precise weather apps. It can accurately predict the exact time it will rain some 2 hours ahead and provide for the duration and path of the storm. In case of a stronger storm or a hurricane, it will give you a warning. Another great plus is that it also shows wind speed, which makes such an impact on our driving, and most apps forget about it. Some other functionalities include standard current weather information, live radar, and My Radar TV for all the weather news.

Find out more at My Radar official website.

Waze App for Truckers

If you’re looking for a navigation app with real-time updates on traffic, police locations, and all potential challenges you need to know of ahead of time, coming from real-life people sharing information on the app. Waze then takes all the input and calculates your best route. Any new information, alerts, or changes are shared immediately, and your approximate arrival time is adjusted.

To make it even more enjoyable, Waze partnered with Spotify to enable you to listen to the music within the app.

Find out more at Waze official website.

We hope our suggestions come in handy to you and that you enjoy using these apps. No matter what apps you opt to use, make sure to keep your focus on the road and if you must use your phone while driving, do so while the phone is fixed on the dashboard or with voice assistance. Safety first!


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