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Truck Driver Fatigue 2

How to Reduce Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck driver fatigue is a big workplace safety issue in the trucking business. It increases the risk of driving accidents, with around 13% percent of all truck accidents involving fatigued drivers. This is a problem that should be tackled on all levels – including federal regulations and policies by companies that care about their company drivers. Still, there are some…

Clean the dashboard

How to Wash Your Semi Truck

Semi truck wash is a regular task, whether you are a company driver, owner-operator, or truck owner. It is another useful and important skill that we want our potential company drivers to have. You run during all weather conditions, get in and out in wet or muddy shoes. During long summer routes, you raise clouds of dust, which persistently stick…

Semi Truck Parking

How to Park a Semi Truck Safely

Semi truck parking is one of the pressing issues in the trucking industry according to ATRI’s list from 2017. And secure semi truck parking is even more of a challenge. That’s why every trucking company is looking for ways to make rest stops as safe as possible for their drivers. Parking safely includes planning, finding a safe parking spot, executing…