Operation Safe Driver Week is scheduled for July 11 – 17.

DOT law enforcement officers will be at full force during this week with the purpose of combating unsafe driving behaviors by commercial motor vehicle drivers.

Please make sure that you are aware of their presence and that you follow the road signs. DOT officers usually set up checkpoints at areas that are highly probable for a truck to go over the speed limit, such as downhills or construction zones.


Regardless of this safety week, drivers need to follow the rules of the road at all times, which are set in place to keep all motorists and construction workers safe.

Make sure to respect the road signs. Once pulled over, you can expect a DOT officer to do at least a level 2 inspection, therefore you must have all necessary permits and paperwork for your equipment, and also your equipment needs to be in good shape.

In order to prepare for this week, we recommend doing a CSA inspection at any major truck stop or dealership a few days before July 11th just to make sure you have not overlooked anything in your daily pre-trip inspection.

You will give DOT officers fewer reasons to go over the equipment if they see you have passed a CSA inspection at a reputable service a few days ago.

From all of us at Extra Mile: Please stay safe!

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