Semi truck wash is a regular task, whether you are a company driver, owner-operator, or truck owner. It is another useful and important skill that we want our potential company drivers to have.

You run during all weather conditions, get in and out in wet or muddy shoes. During long summer routes, you raise clouds of dust, which persistently stick to your big rig. Flies hit the windshield, birds release feces, spills and crumbs occur inside the cabin. Dirt accumulates during the loading and unloading of goods.

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There are many reasons why you shouldn’t rely only on commercial wash bays. Take on the cleanliness of your truck on your own and make it shine inside and out. Saving money can also be a good motive, because this service costs between $35 and $70.

Interior Truck Cleaning Tips

No matter how hard you try to be meticulous, your cabin is constantly prone to dirt. However, with using just a few available tools and cleaning supplies that you probably already have, you can clean your semi truck interior just like the pros. The cleanliness of the cabin is a matter of aesthetics, but it certainly improves the air quality, which also has a positive effect on your health and overall work energy.

Vacuum it

A vacuum cleaner can be considered one of the trucking essentials. Use it to prevent the dust and dirt from becoming visible on your carpets, seats, nooks, and crannies. If you do it in detail, you won’t have to do it very often. The same goes for the trailer, which is even easier to vacuum because the space is flat and without obstacles.

Clean the Dashboard

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Use a gentle cleanser for your dashboard, which gets dirty from smoke, grime, and dust. Do it with a soft cloth using a commercial cleaner or soap and water. After that, try to apply some Leather and Vinyl protection.
The dashboard covers a large area in the cabin which is right in front of you, and it is very important that you do not inhale dirt particles.

Wash the Curtains and Mats

These protective and decorative parts are exposed to dirt the most. Dust enters the fibers of the curtains, and the mats are soiled with earth from the soles. Remove them out of the truck for easier cleaning, give them a good shake to get rid of the dust, and then use cleaning products. For carpeted mats, use an upholstery cleaner, and for the rubber, silicone, and vinyl, take a hose to wash away excess soil.

Clean the Windows

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The need to clean windows doesn’t come only when grime impedes your ability to see oncoming vehicles. A clean windshield and windows are the most important thing when it comes to road safety. Take a microfiber cloth and make all the glass surfaces shine by wiping them on both sides.
In addition to commercial cleaners, you can make your own, and here’s a tip. Mix a one-to-one solution of distilled white vinegar and water. Start at the top of the window and work down so you can catch any drips.

Replace Air Filters

The function of a truck air filter is to protect the engine from harmful pollutants and unwanted air particles. How frequently you should change them depends on how clean is the route you’re driving. The recommendation of professionals is to do this every 15.000 miles approximately.
There are paper and gauze filters, and gauze filters are economic friendly because they are washable.

Exterior Semi Truck Washing Tips

To some extent, you can prevent dirt inside the truck, but the exterior is completely influenced by external factors.

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When you start with exterior semi truck wash, follow this order and the exterior of your truck layout will be safe.

Pre-soak Your Truck

The pre-soak process requires an application of certain products designed to clean and break away the soil from the vehicle without damaging the surface. All the bugs, tar, oil, and grease can be very stubborn, and that’s why the chemical products used must be appropriate for this type and phase of cleaning.

Lather it in Soap

For a lather, try to use a good quality automotive soap rather than dish detergent. Before lathering, don’t water down the vehicle before you apply a cleaning product. Spraying down the vehicle prior to the detergent can create a water barrier between the surface of the truck and the lather, as well as further diluting the detergent. The exception to this recommendation is when heavy layers of dirt and mud need to be removed from the vehicle.

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Brush it

Semi trucks are similar in shape and they all have some difficult-to-reach parts. Make a small investment in an extended brush, because it can clean the high spots. You can also buy an attachment for an extended pole, so you can wash the stack easily.

Rinse it Thoroughly

After brushing all the parts, make sure you rinse every corner of the semi truck well. This is also a significant part of a semi truck wash which shouldn’t be skipped. It’s best for the truck if it dries in the shade or on a cloudy day. This way, it dries evenly and without getting stains and streaks.

Wax it

Applying a wax job on your truck is an effective way to make your vehicle paint last longer. This way you will make your semi truck shine, but it also resists dirt, eliminates water spots, and deflects ultra-violet rays from the sun.

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