When there are many miles behind and many more ahead, experienced company truck drivers should think about truck essentials. So, there are some necessary and appropriate equipment which make trucking safe, comfortable, and healthy.

Hygiene Essentials

Truck Essentials First Aid Kit

This adventurous job requires a good plan to stay fresh and clean. Hygiene certainly makes up half of the well-being, but also significantly affects self-confidence, makes good first impressions, and helps to break stereotypes about the industry.



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Hygiene basics

For every long ride, it is necessary to have a toothbrush, toothpaste, eco-floss, deodorant or antiperspirant, towel, and other personal hygiene items. A warm shower and soap are always the best option, and it’s hard to replace water from the tap, but wet wipes and disinfectant gels can help.

Emergency Bathroom Container and Toilet Paper

When restrooms are away, but there is a need for a toilet, these things can be helpful. You shouldn’t avoid your homeostatic imperatives.

Flip-flops for the Showers

Shower footgear prevents dirt, fungal infections and makes your feet feel better. So, choose the ones that suit you.

First-aid Kit

Due to unexpected situations and minor injuries, it is necessary to have a fully equipped package. Plasters, sterile gauze and eye dressings, triangular and crêpe rolled bandages, safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, tweezers, make the driver safe in case of medical need.

Sleeping Gear

A pillow and a blanket are the main sleeping equipment, and with a sleeping bag, you’ll get 2 in 1. They are comfortable and easy to fold and unfold.

Earplugs for Sleeping

Of course, environmental noise can affect your sleep. Truck drivers should be rested, so earplugs can be useful if used properly. With enough hours of sleep, you will reduce the driver’s stress while driving.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Very practical for cleaning between and under the seats. No matter how hard you try to keep a high hygiene level in your cabin, persistent crumbs and dust will always be around.

In Case You Need to Step Out of the Truck

Truck Essentials Flashlight

An urgent need to get out of the truck can happen regardless of the time of day and weather. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for all the possible conditions, which can sometimes be uncomfortable and harsh.



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It helps when you need to search the trailer or the area around the truck. The best are those with long battery life, that can be functional up to 150 hours. Many models are also waterproof and easy to handle, weighing approximately 3 ounces.

Bad Weather Equipment

Prepare for all severe weather conditions: snow, fog, rain, ice, tornado. It’s always necessary to have a good-quality thick jacket, shoes that will stay dry in ice and snow, warm socks, and emergency blankets. You can go into more details about winter essentials for truck drivers here.

High-visibility jacket

Yellow, light yellowish green, orange or red, these vivid jackets increase visibility outside the truck.


They keep you warm, protect your hands from injuries, but they can also play a part during some manual work. They need to fit well, be made of a material that does not irritate the skin. And it is important that they do not inhibit the mobility of your fingers.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Affordable and easy-to-use tool for measuring tire pressure. Driving quality and sometimes your safety depends on the tread depth of your tires, and that is why this is a mandatory piece of equipment.


Every truck driver should have his tool kit with socket wrenches, multi-head screwdriver, light test kit, a set of vise grips, clamps, etc.

Essentials for the Inside Comfort

Essentials For The Inside Comfort

The quality of the roads significantly affects the overall comfort while driving. So, please yourself as much as possible. The truck is both your office and living room.




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Water and Food Supplies

Of course, water is the basis of everything and it’s desirable to ingest about half a gallon a day. Long journeys also require good healthy food, such as fruits, whole grain crackers, seeds, nuts, and a small dose of dark chocolate. This way, you can maintain your healthy eating habits.

Seat Cushion

Even though the seat is soft, the seat cushion softens the ride and has health benefits in the long run.

Dash-mounted Smartphone Holder

The law stipulates that these truck essentials should be attached to the dashboard. So it is still accessible for use, but it doesn’t interfere with the view over the windshield.

Expanding File Folder

Provide a neat and practical way to select and store paper documents, which, once assembled, later save your time.


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