No matter how much experience you have in trucking, it’s always good to hear someone else’s story, listen to their tips, and learn from their mistakes. Trucking podcasts are a great way to do this. You’ll get accounts from other truckers, owner operators, CEOs of big companies, and much more.

Also, along with listening to your favorite trucking songs, podcasts are one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained on a long haul. We have made a list of podcasts that we find the most useful and engaging, and we are sure you’ll find at least one that will get your full attention.

The Truck Show Podcast

The Truck Show Podcast is hosted by Jay “Lightning” Tilles and Sean P. Holman. Jay Tiles is a Los Angeles radio personality best known for his work with KROQ radio. Sean P. Holman is an automotive journalist and a trucking expert who has worked with such magazines as Truck Trend, Diesel Power, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Four Wheeler, and Truckin’.

They claim that if “you love trucks, Jeeps, customs, wheeling, fabrication, new products, events, and the latest in truck news”, you wouldn’t want to miss their look at today’s world of trucks.

The Truck Show Podcast

An American Truck Driver

An American Truck Driver is a podcast established by Chris Polk. In his podcast you can listen to guests from the trucking world as they give out “101” class on owner operators, answer listeners’ tax questions or give out general advice to less experienced truckers. In one of the episodes, the guest even breaks down a bad lease contract that they claim to be a scam. Chris’s trucking world experience that spans nearly two decades is a good enough reason to tune in to his podcast as he aims to “help you learn from his many mistakes”.

The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers

The Lead Pedal Podcast is hosted by Bruce Outridge, and it “stands for acceleration or fast-track of your career or business”. Bruce has been in the trucking business for thirty years advancing from driver and owner operator to fleet supervisor. The idea behind his show is to help drivers and trucking professionals advance through the industry more easily by providing them with relevant news, interviews, and other features.

The Lead Pedal Podcast

Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Recruit & Retain is a podcast meant to help trucking companies find and keep the right employees. The podcast premise stems from the ever-rising truck driver shortage. The host, Chad Hendricks, along with his guests, gives out advice that is mostly focused on making your company a better workplace for the drivers, like prioritizing your drivers’ sleep or improving communication. On this show, you can also listen to the guide on driver recruitment marketing or learn how the industries outside of trucking are handling recruitment.

The Trucking Podcast

The Trucking Podcast was established by Buck Ballard, a trucking veteran, and his son, Don. Buck has been in the trucking business since 1997, and his show aims to help truck drivers “enjoy their work, make more money and live the lifestyle they desire”, but, above all, to deliver entertaining content.

Buck says that the podcast, while primarily about trucking, covers a wide range of topics concerning “anything to do with gears, a motor and wheels”. They are not interested in expensive equipment, so this isn’t a show for those interested in new models by luxury brands. Tune in if you’d like to listen about the vehicles that average people could buy and have fun with.

The Trucking Podcast 2

TWK Trucking with Kingfish

Trucking With Kingfish is a podcast that brings transportation news, bad weather alerts, and interviews with guests from the trucking world. They concentrate on day-to-day challenges and issues that truckers may face, and encourage the listeners to send their comments that will later be aired on the show. Their new episodes air every Monday, so it’s a good way to stay updated weekly.

Let’s Truck with Kevin Rutherford

With all the episodes under an hour in length, Let’s Truck is perfect for those who shy away from longer trucking podcasts. Every episode consists of the host, Kevin Rutherford, answering the listener’s questions regarding trucking, as well as him delivering news and advice related to the industry.

Let's Truck


WHAT THE TRUCK?!? was established by FreightWaves and has gained widespread acclaim and popularity. Dooner and The Dude, the podcast hosts, talk about topics like industry trends and memes, truck fires and truckers’ side hustles. They also feature interviews with CEOs, VCs, brokers, truckers, and influencers. The podcast airs three times a week.


This list will be a great starting point for you and, once you get into the world of trucking podcasts, you’ll come across more interesting shows that we didn’t mention. But every time you need a little reminder on which podcast to check out next, be sure to come back to this article. For more tips, follow us on our YouTube channel Extra Mile International Inc Trucking Company, and visit our Instagram profile @extramiletx.

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