Winter rides are unlikely to be on anyone’s list of favorites. Challenging weather conditions, slow rides, time crunch, the cold, safety. Just too many things to take care of in comparison to other, more scenic, and more comfortable seasons. However, after you have secured all the equipment necessary and are in the loop on the road conditions, take a moment to think of the key player – yourself. Without your health and well-being, the cargo is getting nowhere. So check this list of 6 core items to get for yourself to make the long haul ahead enjoyable or at least less of a pain.

Extra blankets

First things first, you have to stay warm, for the sake of your health and overall comfort. Extra blankets are beyond important for this.

It would be great to choose good quality materials that keep you warm but don’t make the blanket very bulky. How many do you need?

Well, how many can you get? In reality, it depends on the length of the ride as well as location and the weather.

You may get cold and need to through them over while you’re wearing dirty clothes, they may get smudged, etc. Basically, rely on your experience to determine the number.

Extra clothes

You just need to stock up on extra clothes for the road, just like in any other season. The only difference is that you should choose warm and waterproof clothes for winter. Make sure to have extra everything – pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats. Bonus points for an extra pair of waterproof boots, just to be on the safe side, and some heavy-duty socks. That way, if for any reason your clothing gets soaked, you don’t have to worry about catching a cold.

Extra food and water

It could happen you get stuck on the road cause of the conditions, or you just don’t feel like making a stop and getting out in the cold just to grab some food. In those moments having some food and regular water would come in handy. Just make sure you choose nutritious food that will keep you full, rather than snacks.

Heated seats

Not necessarily a core item to get, but a perk that will definitely make each ride a pleasure. Imagine hitting the road in snowy weather from a warm cozy seat where you can easily adjust the settings how you please. No freezing touch of a cold leather seat, no heavy layering.

Half-full gas tank

How is this an item to get for yourself rather than the vehicle? Easy. You are buying it for your own peace of mind, the top-tier item for winter long hauls, as per our expert drivers. If you successfully manage to keep your tank always half full, you won’t have to worry about those ominous situations of getting stuck in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere, and even if such a situation does happen, you’re going to have plenty of gas to keep the heating on.

Music and audiobooks

Maybe the Christmas spirit would be too distracting, but it’s very important to keep the mood up and your focus sharp. This is especially relevant as in winter it gets dark early on and weather conditions combined with heating inside may have us feeling drowsy. So turn on your favorite artist or catch up on that book you haven’t managed to read yet while staying safe and in high spirits.