If you are in this profession, the odds are you enjoy being on the move and a change in scenery. We are positive you have your own couple of favorite routes that you have discovered during your career. In case you are new on the road or are looking to find more breathtaking sceneries, we have compiled a list of the most scenic routes, per experienced long-haul drivers.

California Coastline – PCH

The Pacific Coast Highway is part of the gorgeous California Coastline, where you will feel as if in a dream. This bucket list-worthy drive includes beautiful beaches, breathtaking ocean views, some of the most famous bridges in the US – the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur. Bonus points, you can see traffic going both ways absolutely clearly while enjoying the view.

Seward Highway

Not really a long-haul route, Seward Highway, stretching from the southern port city of Seward to Anchorage, is most certainly one of the most scenic ones. It offers everything, the coastline, the mountains, areas abundant in wildlife. You will pass through Beluga Point, with views of the mountains covered in fog and snow and clouds atop, the Turnagain Arm of the Gulf of Alaska, Moose Pass in Chugach National Forest. No matter what, you will not regret taking this beautiful two-and-a-half-hour route.

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San Juan Skyway

If you have been missing that cozy small-town feel and comfort of being surrounded by nature, do use the first opportunity you get to take San Juan Skyway through San Juan National Forest. It seems it’s one of the favorite routes for most experienced truckers. They advise making sure to spend a whole day in the area to take in the greenery, snowy mountain tops in the distance, and picturesque towns.

Another important reason to take your time in the area is the winding roads. So, make sure to adjust the speed and safely enjoy the scenery.

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Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway (PP-OO)

The PP-OO route has its fair share of stunning views, is also extremely appealing for its historic value. The route, also known as the “Appian Way of America” connects San Francisco with New York City and includes many important industrial centers. Since it was built prior to the national highway system, it didn’t exactly bypass many small towns on the way either. But these towns and farmlands are what give the route its charm. Another noteworthy part of the road is Pikes Peak in Colorado, covered in snow and providing an awe-inspiring view.

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Whenever there’s an opportunity to drive through Virginia and the Carolinas, make sure to grab it and brace yourself to be awed on the winding Blue Ridge Parkway. The route, linking Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, offers some of the most beautiful sights and distinctive wildlife. Linn Cove Viaduct will be particularly impressive since it offers incredible views, especially in fall thanks to the colorful vegetation that surrounds you. But not to worry, the Parkway will not fail you in other seasons either. Spectacular colors can be seen in spring as well, when jack-in-the-pulpit, wild ginger, and trout lilies are in full bloom.

We hope you will get a chance to get on some of these routes soon and would love to hear what you think of them. What are some of your favorite routes?

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