We just wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our Road Warriors out there.

We are so proud of the work that you do. We see the sacrifices you all make in order to better the lives of your loved ones: staying out weeks at a time and some of you even months.

Time away from your loved ones is the ultimate sacrifice a person can make. And we respect you for it more than you can imagine! You are the true heroes in our eyes and in the eyes of your family.

You need to know that we appreciate you and we will continue to do everything we can in order for your sacrifice to be noticed, and also for it to be profitable.

We promise to continue providing a safe and enjoyable work environment.

From all of us at Extra Mile and from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you, drivers!


Fleet Manager & Recruiter at Extra Mile International | + posts

Mia is a Fleet Manager and Recruiter at Extra Mile International, based in Chicago. Mia is over 5 years in the trucking industry, she even drow trucks for more than 3 years.