An owner operator is a truck driver that owns and operates his or her own equipment.

Owner-operators have 2 options when it comes to working.
They can work under their own authority, meaning they can have their own trucking company, and find freight for themselves through load boards and tracking apps. However, they are responsible for each aspect of running their business from driving, accounting, to safety and administration.

Another option for owner-operators is to lease their equipment to a larger trucking company, which will do most of the administrative work, even dispatching, for a small percentage or fee.

For example, here at Extra Mile, we employ owner-operators and we take 12% from the gross of each load we find for them. We provide all the permits necessary for operating on the US roadways, insurance, and even trailers. We find and book the best possible loads for them, and all they have to do is drive and stay safe on the road.

They are still responsible for maintaining their equipment in order to meet the DOT requirements and for their own safety and the safety of other motorists on the road.

If you are interested in becoming an owner-operator, please follow us on social media, join our trucking group on Facebook or visit our site as we always strive to spread the knowledge we attained throughout the years.

From all of us here at Extra Mile: Stay safe and thank you!


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Mia is a Fleet Manager and Recruiter at Extra Mile International, based in Chicago. Mia is over 5 years in the trucking industry while driving trucks for more than 3 years.