Hello Road Warriors!

We can not stress enough how important it is for you to be safe and keep everyone around you safe as well on the road.

As temperatures rise and we are shying away from the cold months, more and more motorists will be traveling alongside you on the highways. Road trips with friends, family visits for the holidays, and summer vacations. There will be a lot of precious cargo in those little cars.

We urge every single one of you to respect the speed limits. Please, never drive over the speed limit.

Make sure you keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you as you need more room to stop the truck in case of an emergency.

Never drive in the far left lane. Those lanes are for fast-moving vehicles and commercial vehicles are prohibited.

Never ever use a handheld device such as your phone while driving. No texting, snapping pictures or scrolling through your social media feed. Once you are safely parked, you can respond to a text or email. In the meantime, if you need to talk to someone on the phone, please make sure that you have a hands-free blue-tooth headset from which you can answer a phone call and safely talk for a moment while driving.

We do not recommend talking while driving. However, we know that you have families that are concerned with your well-being and that you need to answer a phone call from time to time so that they know you are ok!

Never pass vehicles on the right side.

Always be aware of your blind spots and make sure to check your convex mirrors before switching lanes.

Always take wide turns and be aware of your environment, parked vehicles, poles, road signs, low bridges.

Most importantly, make sure you get plenty of rest during your off-duty break and never drive fatigued. If you are tired, please find a safe spot to pull over and rest.

We hope this safety reminder makes a positive impact on your daily life.
Remember, someone loves you and can not wait to see you again!
The same goes for everyone else around you! Let us all get to our designation safely!

Thank you!


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Mia is a Fleet Manager and Recruiter at Extra Mile International, based in Chicago. Mia is over 5 years in the trucking industry, she even drow trucks for more than 3 years.