A company driver is a driver that you hire to operate company-owned equipment.

Most companies pay drivers per mile, although some companies pay them percentage or flat weekly salaries. The pay usually depends on the type of work or the equipment.

For example, drivers who work OTR (over the road) and stay out weeks at a time are generally paid per mile because of the large number of miles they are able to cover during the week. However regional or local drivers are usually paid a percentage or flat rate salaries because they do not get to cover as many miles as the OTR drivers do.

Being a     company driver has many benefits:

  • huge demand;
  • well paid;
  • no risk of owning equipment;
  • medical benefits in some cases;
  • generally operating newer equipment;
  • less financial risk.


  • smaller profit;
  • less flexibility on the schedule than the owner-operators.

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