When hiring an OTR driver for your truck you want to make sure you find the best and safest candidate.
You want someone who will not only drive your equipment but also care for it as it is their own.
The questions that you want to ask a potential driver are the following.

1. How much OTR experience do you have? This will tell you how long the driver has been operating commercial vehicles and which kind. The more experience the driver has the better.

2. How long have you been with your last company and what is the reason you want to switch? This way you can determine if he is out of work and ready for immediate hire or if he will need to give notice. Also if he was let go by his previous employer or if he voluntarily left. You can find out a lot about this person from his answer.

3. How many companies did you switch to in the last 3 years? This will tell you if the driver is a loyal person. If the driver switched 10 companies in the last 3 years, he or she will most likely not stay with you for a long time. You should prefer to find a driver which does not like to switch companies often. This ensures you have a smaller turnover of drivers.


4. How many moving violations or accidents do you have on your record? Most of this info you can get from pulling driver’s MVR and PSP reports. However, it is good to hear it from the driver so that you do not waste your time and money in case they have multiple violations and accidents. This part determines if the driver is safe and cares about his safety and the safety of others.

5. How long do you stay out of OTR each time? If you are looking for an OTR driver that you need to stay out at least 2-3 weeks, then you want to find out what kind of obligations or lifestyle he or she has at home. This way you can find out if he meets your or your customers’ requirements, and there are no surprises once the driver is in the truck.

6. Do you have any failed drug tests or felonies? I believe this question does not require a reason, you simply want the best and safest person in your 100+k equipment.

7. How many miles do you prefer to run each week? This tells you if the driver is in it to run and make money or if he is looking for a place to live in. You want a driver that is hungry and ambitious in order to meet your customers’ requirements.

As you get through these questions with a potential driver, you will get a sense of who they are and if they meet your requirements. From there the conversation should naturally flow and you should be able to find out more about this person and get a better sense of them as a worker and a colleague. Obviously, you want someone who is a team player, kind, good communicator, knowledgeable about technology, safety rules, and equipment.

We hope you find this presentation useful and you are able to find the best drivers for your business! From all of us at Extra Mile: Good Luck!


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Mia is a Fleet Manager and Recruiter at Extra Mile International, based in Chicago. Mia is over 5 years in the trucking industry, she even drow trucks for more than 3 years.